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written by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher

Poetry is the Silence of My heart.
   ~ silence is like the ocean ~
~ sometimes calm ~
~ sometimes angry ~                    
~ but always there ~

Listen to the silence and it will speak loud and clear.

New ... Love 'er Something


Poetry Volumes:

  4 X 4
Poetry from Home
Nature & Space   
Pit Passages
Simply Stated             

Fiction:  ...
is not a reality. 
    Perhaps a way of escape
    Perhaps a way of release
    Perhaps a dust pan
    Into which scraps of thoughts can
    be swept!










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Wednesday, October 14, 2009:  I have removed the "Pit Passages" section from my poetry menu.
If anyone has questions about my auto racing poetry please contact me.

John Clark of Indianapolis once described me as the "Poet Laureate of the 500;"
this "Poet Laureate" will not write any more about auto racing.

I have written some more auto racing poetry, but it's not as much fun for me ...
just because I like something doesn't mean others will.

As for actually being a
Poet Laureate, I've never received an official award, it was just a cute description by someone
who hosted Readings at Boarders Bookstore in Indianapolis, Indiana.
How many of my critics thought I was calling myself a "Poet Laureate?"
I'm not in the business of giving myself awards!
For the record, I have never gained any benefit from writing poetry about auto racing,
if anything, it has been a detriment to my life.

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